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“No Room for jealousy” Even if Your Wife is Dating the Sexiest Man Alive

When you are fine with open marriage concept but suddenly the most handsome hunk of Bollywood comes in to take your wife away.

Nicole Poruralski and husband Roland Mary: Open Marriage

Roland Mary, the owner of the GERMAN Restaurateur. He has no room for jealousy even though he has ‘several wives’, five children and currently in an open marriage with Nicole.

Rumours have it that Roland is not a bit of jealous and is not interested in negatively. But can you really be the least tensed when your wife is being stolen by the “sexiest man alive” by People magazine . . . twice?

No one would want his wife dating the megastar because the charms can be irresistible for anyone.

Mark “The Beast’ Labbett split from wife Katie after seven years.

After 27-year-old Katie was revealed to be seeing a 30-year-old engineer called Scott Bate, Mark, 55 decided to turn their marriage into ‘open marriage‘ for the sake of their young son.

But the stress from the world-wide lockdown, their age gap between the couple. Their son mentioning Scott’s name “quite a few times” took its toll on Mark nailed the last hope.

Mark knew that the marriage was already doomed but wanted to try giving it a different chance. It looks like the actor, was temporarily forced to continue the marriage and to accept his wife extramarital affair. The couple has been separated but is yet on good friends terms.

The opinion of people who favour open marriage

People who actually favour this concept believe that it’s a way to explore all the new experience that a person may want to explore.

The couple can find their ways and explore different things, allowing them to explore different sexual experiences.

But according to research, open marriage has a failure rate of 92%. If the rumour about the very calm Roland is true, then time will tell whether their open marriage will sail or sink.

For now, Roland is waiting for his younger wife to return from her secret vacation with Brad Pitt on his Chateau Miraval Vineyard, France.

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