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North Carolina Woman Pregnant With Her Sixteenth Child- and All Have Names Beginning With “C”

A North Carolina woman, Patty Hernandez, 38 and her husband Carlos, 37 live with their 15 children. Their giant house is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and includes a nursery with five cribs.

Patty revealed about her recent pregnancy with her 16 children, just three months after giving birth to their youngest daughter. She says that they ‘have left everything to God’ and will not rule out from having even more babies in future. She has spent the last decade just giving birth to all her children and eagerly waits for her new child’s arrival in May 2021.

Of all the children, there are ten girls, five boys and three sets of twins. Giving birth to twins runs in Carlos’s family. She reveals that every week the couple spends $500 on groceries and diapers. The couple is now looking for a new vehicle as they have outgrown their 16-seater bus.

All of their children have names starting with ‘C’ in honour of their father, who works as a floor cleaner to supporter their large family.Β Patty and Carlos made this news in 2019, but after that, they have had two more children.

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Carlos Jr., 12, Christopher, 11, Carla and Caitlyn, both 9, Celeste, 7, Cristina, 6, Calvin and Catherine, 5, Carol, 4, another set of twins Caroline and Caleb, 3, Camilla, 2, Charlie, 1, and newborn Crystal four months, will be joined by another baby girl due in 2021.

She said, “It’s a bit more stressful and difficult with a newborn.” Despite all this, she is happy to have more kids. Even with everything she thinks them to be a blessing.

They have left their fate to God, and have never used a contraceptive. She added that being pregnant makes her happy.

The chores are difficult, and things ‘are always crazy at her house’. She is teaching her older children to help her and chip in.


She has to do laundry at least four times a week. Clean the house after her children are done playing. The older ones sometimes help her cooking breakfast, but she is the one who cooks most of the time. It’s a mess, and everyone they meet is curious and always questions them about their large family.

In January 2019, Patty revealed their family’s daily routine. She said her morning starts at 8 pm, prepare breakfast for everyone. After their morning routine, the children practice Christian Devotional. Then the school-age children go to school, and she stays with the rest of her children, doing the house chores.

Generally, she tries doing everything while they’re in school. Even if she has an appointment, she takes all of them with her. The older children return home before six, from their after-school study.

At their sixteen-seater table, Patty serves them dinner. She serves them pasta, eggs, beans or salads, which is followed by a prayer and playtime until bedtime at 8:30 pm.

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