Now Google Offering Nifty Tips For G Suite Users Working From Home

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Nifty Tips For G Suite Users: The G suite applications like Google Docs, Google sheets, slides become more relevant these days. This is all-time useful, easy to use apps. But now when people are staying and working from home, these applications are the best to complete their responsibilities.

Well, I am a content writer, and I have been working from home throughout my whole work life. SO, believe me, there is no other useful and easy app than the Google G Suites apps. Its ability to synchronize all the works across different platforms gives an advantage in the workspace solution.

Nifty Tips For G Suite Users

While the apps are better than many available options available in the market, Google decided to help its consumers with some good pieces of advice and updates. To improve the productivity and efficiency to the traditional job employees.

Making The Interaction Efficient

Nifty Tips For G Suite Users: We all know about the real-time comment section feature in the Google Docs. One can easily highlight a section of a document, right-click over and comment on it selecting the ‘comment’ button. For now, one can mention a colleague specifically with a ‘@’. And a notification will be sent to the tagged user’s email. This will help not to change a document at all. We were rather correcting it by commenting.

Recovery Of Document

Google introduces another nifty feature to look into the previous Documents, Slides, or Sheets. The feature will help either to go back to the past document version. Or it will help you to see how the changes made in the updated content.

Nifty Tips For G Suite Users

One can use the feature by clicking on the grey text at the top. That says something like “Last edit was on (Date/Time)” or “All changes saved in Drive”. Clicking on it one will see a list of updates on the document. One can click on the desired version to view the changes. And this feature of edit history is available for sheets also.

Offline Mode

An offline mode is a good option for people having a limited internet connection. To enable the mode, one should click the ‘settings’ and enable the option “Available Offline”. This will help you to save all the work offline while the data will be automatically saved whenever you are online.


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