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Nurse and Instagram model after spending $75,000, says she is ready for more.

Tara Jayne McConachy, nurse and Instagram model who had spent $75000 on her surgeries is not ready for more. Tara is from Melbourne, Australia; she says once the COVID-19 pandemic is over she ill go of for more surgeries.

This nurse can’t stop getting new procedures and surgeries done.

Tara loves getting her procedures and surgeries done more than anything. She is getting these procedures done for years now. So far, Tara has undergone a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. From Botox to lip and facial surgeries to even implants in many parts of her body.Β She gets surgeries which cost a hell of money. When she was asked in an interview about what is her favourite part of the surgery. She said about her breast implants. She says she had five breast augmentations by now. Her most recent implant size was 1050cc. Her other recent procedures includeΒ tip rhinoplasty, buttocks implants, veneers, botox and fillers.Β She says in an interview that she isn’t sure the exact amount of money she’s has spent by now on the surgeries, but I won’t be any less than $100K.

Tara explains in an interview that she badly wants to get new procedures done, but due to the pandemic, she is struggling to travel overseas. However, once the pandemic is over, she will go off and get as many procedures as she wants to.

She explains how she was inspired by breakups in the first place. She says she was very insecure about her body and face. And breakup’s inspired her to work on herself and get the perfect look she aspires to have. She also explains how, when u once or twice get your procedures done; there’s no turning back, you will feel and want to do new every time.

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