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NVIDIA Shield TV With Enhanced AI Upscaling


In today’s world where we have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other online video streaming platforms, today we will be talking about NVIDIA Shield TV. NVIDIA Shield Tv is one of the best renowned and enhanced versions of Android TV. Undoubtedly, it has remained successful for years.Β 

It has gained huge recognition due to its AI Upscaling Technology, huge discounts, and its creative remote. With regular updates in the software and the latest version of Android, NVIDIA Shield Tv has without any doubt has been the well recognized Android Tv.Β 

Creative Modular Design


As we all know about Set-Top Boxes, they occupy a significant amount of place for its storage and connection. The new creative modular design of this Shield TV hides the device behind your screens. NVIDIA Shield Tv comes as a small tube-like structure with a charging cable and an ethernet socket. You have one HDMI socket and a Micro SD card slot.Β 

The most famous triangular designed remote is perfectly thin and touch-sensitive and user friendly. It requires two AAA rechargeable batteries. This remote even has the feature of backlit and some very essential buttons such as pause and volume.Β 

Technical Specifications

  • The processor used in this would be Nvidia Tegra X1+
  • It provides 2GB to 3GB ram capacity
  • Storage capacity ranges from 8GB to 16GB. You have an option to include microSD card
  • Wifi connectivity, Bluetooth, HDMI, EthernetΒ 
  • It has 2 USB 3.0 version ports
  • Android version 9Β 
  • It supports Dolby Vision, 4K quality
  • 98mm x 159mm x 259.3mm
  • It weighs around 250 grams
  • Comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty

Enhanced AI Upscaling

With the help of the enhanced AI Upscaling technology, this TV can easily convert the HD content into 4K video quality. This feature easily comes handy, while looking at extremely detailed and colorful scenes. Sceneries, wildlife, action scenes look amazingly awesome.Β 


Our Recordings

  • Alexa and Echo can easily be controlled and connected.
  • Background working on music streaming applications is possible.


  • NVIDIA Shield TV: 149.99 GBP
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Pro: 199 GBP
  • Shield Controller: 59.99 GBP

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