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Officials Released A 911 Call After Naya Passed Away

Naya Rivera in the frame
Source: NME.com

Officials Released A 911 Call After Naya Passed Away: On 8th July, Glee actor Naya Rivera went missing while on a boat with her 4-year-old son Josey at Lake Piru. The officials searched for Naya for over five days, on Monday, they found her body, deep in the lake.

Recently, the investigators shared a distress 911 call made for Naya Rivera after she disappeared from her rental boat.

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Let’s get into the details of this distress call.

A Call For Help

Reportedly, Naya went for a dip with her son in the lake around 3 pm but didn’t return. So, after not getting the rental boat, the lake officials went to find the boat. When they found it, they saw a kid sleeping while wearing a life vest. They couldn’t find any adult accompanying the kid.

Naya Rivera in the frame
Source: Access

The official then made a 911 call. It said:

“The emergency is: we have a missing person. We found a little girl in one of the boats by herself, and the mom’s nowhere to be found.”

The officials thought Josey was a girl because of his long hair.

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The Lake Of Death?

After Naya was reported missing, around 80 officials searched for Naya day and night. The process was difficult for her family. Just a day before they found her body, Naya’s dad swam across the river in search for her. The officials found Naya’s body deep in the river, amid water plants.

However, in the past, there have been sightings of deaths across the Lake Piru. Many people have died in the whirlpool. Reports say, Naya saved her son, Josey but, she couldn’t find the strength to get herself up, and thus drowned.

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The Glee Curse Or An Unfortunate Accident?

The Glee curse is a conspiracy theory that includes the Glee stars dying mysteriously, as of now three actors have lost their lives. But, is this incident the curse or an unfortunate incident?

The Glee Cast
Source: Evening Standard

It’s no secret that the Glee curse is a fan-made theory based on coincidental deaths of the actors. However, Lake Piru is known for its accidents, so we believe that Glee curse is nothing but a hoax, and it was just an accident.

Lastly, our prayers go to Naya’s family and friends, and we hope they heal from this unfortunate and untimely death. Rest in Peace Naya Rivera, we all love you and hope you are in a better place now.

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