Offset Confirms Shocking Details About His And Cardi B’s Relationship. Fans Are Shocked!

Offset is chill thinking of class before wife Cardi B pushes her second child. It got very poetic on the internet after the black rapper went to the Jimmy’s live talk show. Offset revealed a lot of details about his and Cardi’s Relationship and specially his plans before having the second baby. The host asked a number of questions that left fans speechless. Check out everything you need to know about it.

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On July 20, Tuesday the 29-year-old rapper dropped by at the Jimmy’s. Where he was asked several questions about his relationship and some post pregnancy questions. One question that blew everybody’s mind was when the host asked if he has planned anything before welcoming the second child with Cardi B. To which the 29-year-old confirms that he has not yet. Fans made a good laugh about it for a moment until the rapper confirm that the baby itself is the most beautiful gift.

The Adorable Moment

Offset handled the situation at the right time by claiming that he will definitely get one of the most beautiful gifts for her wife. She further says that ‘I will get her a gift, she deserves that.’ Fans were adored as they listen to his response. Moreover, the host asked several other questions that got fans very excited specially the questions related to his wife Cardi B.


Offset even except that they surprised the fans about Cardi B‘s pregnancy during her second child was the most unexpected and surprising for the fans. However, they enjoyed it more than anything and even fans were very excited and happy for them. He claimed that they received a number of wishes, gifts and blessings thereafter. And I am looking forward to welcome their baby anytime soon. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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