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O.J Simpson’s Daughter Arnelle Supposedly Lost His Home & NFL Pension!

O.J Simpson’s Daughter Arnelle Supposedly Lost His Home & NFL Pension

O.J Simpson’s Daughter Arnelle Supposedly Lost His Home & NFL Pension!: One of the most famous black man in America, O.J. Simpson, was on trial for allegedly murdering his ex- wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Some people see it as a case of racism. Other’s see it from the victims’ perspective.

It has affected Simpson’s family in a lot in many ways. Simpson’s oldest daughter, Arnelle, still faces the problems.

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Arnelle Simpson

Arnelle was born in 1968 when Simpson was a rising star in football. She grew up with her father playing in the NFL.

After her parent’s divorce, Arnelle fell out of the public spotlight. But soon she was back in the tabloids when her father O.J.’s high profile murder trial. After that incident, the only person supporting Simpson was his daughter. She proclaimed his innocence and even spoke at her father’s last parole hearing on unrelated burglary.

All these made Arnelle’s life difficult, but she still loved him because he was her dad.

Before everything, Arnelle lived a lavish life and could get anything she wants because she grew up in a family that could afford it. But after her father’s murder trial, everything fell off.

Despite everything, she was pretty close to her father, even though this ruined her life.

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According to reports, Arnelle developed a drinking problem, which her father helped to manage. Years later, after the trial, her father went to jail for burglary charges. Arnelle became all alone after her father’s practice. She had no connection with her siblings, which affected her life.

O.J. was already in deep water, but Arnelle helped him sink deeper.

Arnelle’s shopping habit, spending money on friends, and lifestyle choices played a big part in him losing his house. Furthermore, her spending even drained her father’s NFL pension. While she blamed attorney fees, her expenses were adding to the list of problems.
O.J. is free again, but things in his family are never going to be the same also.

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