OKTOBERFEST: BEER & BLOOD Promises To Be Darker Than German Hit Series Dark!

OKTOBERFEST: BEER & BLOOD Promises To Be Darker Than German Hit Series Dark!
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OKTOBERFEST: BEER & BLOOD Promises To Be Darker Than German Hit Series Dark!: Do you know Netflix has under 119 countries under its cover and it is trying to expand more? Each state is different and therefore has a unique interest. In Germany, the Netflix trend started with the sci-fi series “Dark” in 2017. It was a massive blockbuster, and now, after almost three seasons, writer Ronny Schalk is all set Netflix’s latest international release,Β OKTOBERFEST: BEER & BLOOD.

Curt Prank Can Cross Any Limit To Build His Dream Beer Tent

OKTOBERFEST: BEER & BLOOD is the story of a brewer named Curt Prank. So, Prank wants to do an impossible task. He dreams of building a beer tent in Munich Oktoberfest which can be sufficient for 6,000 people. There is no hurdle which cans deviate Curt from his path. He can even murder opponents to achieve his goal.

It Is A Story Inspired From A True Historical Event

At the beginning of each episode, it is written that the story is inspired from a true historical event. However, the truth is not as bitter as portrayed in the series. The writer’s inspiration, George Lang, did not believe in unnecessary violence and bloodshed. Still, he was a very ambitious person.

The writers did manage to add many historical characters, founders and inventors. For instance, Einstein’s father furnished Oktoberfest from the electric lights. Bohemians such as Kandinsky was there, and the list continues.

Oktoberfest Might Come Up With A Second Season Soon, Nothing Confirmed By The Writers

Reports suggest that the German series might come up with a second season soon. However, there is still no official announcement by the writers.

β€œWe have a couple of huge conflicts left unsolved,” said Schalk. Like Prank did something which he wasn’t fully aware of, and now he does not know what caused the trigger. While it is not clear whether this Netflix series will be back, fans can’t stop speculating about it.

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