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OnePlus Z Rumors Are Making Me Almost As Excited As I Was When I Found Out!

One Plus Z
Source: Android Authority

OnePlus Z Rumors: Being a faithful OnePlus user, when I came across the rumors about OnePlus Z being launched, my excitement was at a peak. To give a basic idea about One Plus phones is that they offer 85%-90% features of a flagship phone at a relatively lower yet affordable rate.

Since the pas one year, OnePlus and iPhone have been in a constant war over which Phone is better, and One Plus is winning our hearts with its affordable prices and high- quality features.

One Plus Z
Source: Android Authority

Release Date And Estimated Price:

The probable date for the smartphone to release in India is July 2nd, 2020. The estimated price in India is INR 34,990/462.45$.

Earlier this year, One Plus launched One Plus 8 and 8 Pro. During its launch, many predicted another installment of the mid-range series i-e One Plus Z.

OnePlus Z Specifications:

The new mid-range Phone has rather high-quality specifications. With a snapdragon 765G, the 128GB storage this new Phone has a high battery life of 4300mAh. What’s even more exciting is that it has a 6GB RAM!

One Plus is great when it comes to their camera quality, and now, One Plus Z has a 64MP+16MP+2MP camera.

Some special features are- it has a Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, and a Gyroscope. With a dual sim, the charging is quicker with a type C USB.

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Differences Between One Plus 8 And One Plus Z:

The new Phone has a snapdragon of 765G, but One Plus 8 has a snapdragon of 865G. Surprisingly, other than the snapdragon, there are differences between the two mobiles.

This comes off as a treat for One Plus users who want affordable phones but with high- quality features.

What To Expect From The New One Plus Z:

The new Phone weighs on an affordable side and is expected to be on top just like the other One Plus phones.

The yet-to-released Phone is already creating a buzz because of its affordable prices, and I am sure that as soon as it is launched, the audiences are going to be as excited as I am! Stay tuned to find out more!

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