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One-Punch Man Season 1, Episode 2, “The Lone Cyborg”, A News Report Heralds The Coming Of A Great Mosquito Swarm!

One Punch Man
Image from the series "One Punch Man"

One-Punch Man is a Japanese manga webcomic series. The artist known as One created this superhero manga series. It’s a story about a superhero, Saitama aka One Punch man. He can clash his opponents with nothing but a single punch.

Saitama is the strongest as his limitless strength, absolute power and even his name can make his enemy shudder. To remove boredom he faced off with god-like beings and got the victory in all. But he came on knees when a blood-sucking insect a mosquito came in the battleground.One-Punch Man: Season 2, Episode 2 "The Human Monster ...

About The Episode: The Lone Cyborg

In Season 1, Episode 2 of One-Punch Man universe, ”The Lone Cyborg” named news channel informed that mosquito swarm coming. Saitama continuing his everyday routine to water his plants then a mosquito started to annoy him. But when a mosquito flies under his palm he was just terrified by its unnatural manner. Saitama put his huge shaped water canister down. And started to chase the mosquito with a serious face and slapping hands up and down in ferocity that windows are rattled.

Later the mosquito flatters away and the Mosquito Girl, Genos made wreak havoc with mosquito swarm. Next Saitama saw with a bug spray to defeat his foe who was accepted his defeat.

This episode of One-Punch universe seems there is a room for small-sized villains as well as heroes. The mosquito which annoyed Saitama isn’t a part of Genos’s mosquito squad than why the strongest man became a pathetic one? It not strange as this ant-sized creature give Saitama the real motivation to become an original hero.

He followed mole-people and sea creatures after he became ‘Caped Baldy’. Saitama is in search of rush excitement activities. He couldn’t get in daily 100 sit-ups,100 push-ups, and 10k run challenges. But the bug provides him with that opportunity and force him to think about it. The fact that a dead mosquito is better than the living one. It may be most powerful in the One-Punch Man universe or it is the small simple thing that has deeper power than defending or defeating the most powerful ones.One Punch-Man Episode 2: The Lone Cyborg Review

We are eager to see what will happen next episodes?

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