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One Touch App Labs Detects Apps Made In China On The User’s Phones And Provides A Simple UI To Remove Them!

OneTouch AppLabs
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Anti-China App Updates

An Anti-China app goes viral on many androids, and the AppApp has got a million downloads in less than a week. So, a company made OneTouch AppLabs application, which removes china apps. Also, this App claimed to be from Jaipur. Thus, on this installing this new AppApp, in one touch, it removes all the china apps from the mobile. However, this App has got the second position on Google’s list of free apps on the Playstore.

Also, this App is the privacy policy of the Application, that there is no need to give what liability that the company is taking on the breaches. This App has gone viral on the mobile androids for the people of India, in very little time. So, after installing this Anti-China App from PlayStore, the user should click Scan now, then all the China Apps will be removed from the mobile.

OneTouch AppLabs
Source Twitter

Features Of One Touch App Labs

Thus, it removes all the Chinese apps that were installed earlier by the users. Also, after removing the China Apps from the mobile, and it will have a simple interface. So, after clicking on Scan now, it gives the list of Chinese Companies Apps, that are present on the Android. Some of the China Apps, where many Indian People use, were like TikTok, ShareIt, CamScanner, and many more.

Also, due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, this AppApp is going on the China Movement. This App has gone popularity among Indians, and it was launched on May 17, 2020. However, this App has got one million downloads in two weeks.

Removing China Apps
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Other Details

So, there were some people who won’t use any Chinese Applications at all. In that after installing this AppApp and after clicking on Scan Now, it displays “You are Awesome, No China App Found in Your System.” Also, before developing this AppApp, the company sounds quite questionable.

However, their privacy policy is a simple single-page document, which gives the details of the data present in the App. Also, the App will require any extra system permissions to access it. But, it takes information like operating system version, device model, and many more in Android smartphones.


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