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OnePlus 8 Pro Can See Through Certain Surfaces!

OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8

In 2020, OnePlus launched its flagship phone devices with a top line of specifications about the advanced features. The OnePlus 8 Pro is one of the best phones available in the market with all the latest features available in the market. But it also has some features that are not disclosed by the company at its launching event.

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The OnePlus 8 Pro’s Camera Has A Interesting See-Through Nature

The camera of OnePlus 8 Pro has a special feature that can see through certain surfaces. This is first discovered by Max Weinbach which he later shared in his Twitter post. he learns the 5 MP IR filter of the camera can capture shots seeing through surfaces. it is not seen before in any smartphone feature in the past.

This is the X-ray vision feature of OnePlus 8 Pro. It uses the infrared sensor of the phone to see through small objects especially of black materials.

This quality of the camera is a really fun feature. But it also concerns some security and personal concern among the customers. The feature is not only limited to see through some objects like plastics. But it can also be transparent to people’s clothes and accessories. This is a major drawback of the camera.

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How OnePlus 8 Pro’s Camera Has Such A Interesting Feature?

Well, all the camera sensors in any devices have different color filters. But OnePlus 8 Pro camera does not contain any color filter to make it more sensible to IR light. S materials absorb some sorts of light depending on the wavelengths, some materials or objects may seem transparent or see-through in an ample amount of light.

OnePlus’s phone devices are one of the great and interesting products from its launch. The advanced features of the devices are always on hot topics among the tech gigs. It will be interesting to see hoe OnePlus will respond to this concern. Will they change the feature of the camera? Or they will let it as it is saying it as a modern and advanced feature? Stay tuned with us for more updates in the tech industry.

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