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OnePlus 8 Pro HD Playback Issue Fixing Is Done By The End Of June!

OnePlus 8 Pro: About The Phone

Oneplus 8 Pro is absolutely new in the market, and I think it has one of the best camera quality. You can now extra zoom and click absolutely stunning pictures provided a strong battery life.

However, it is also very expensive, which might want a lot of saving up. But we can guarantee that the Purchase will be worth it because it is new and has the best operating system and interiors.

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OnePlus HD Mode Problems

It is actually really understood that OnePlus 8 Pro is a marvelous phone to on at the moment. However, how do you feel about the fact that despite being such a wonderful phone, you cannot watch any HD videos on it?

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro

There were users who are complaining about exactly this same thing. This was when they first started using the latest updated version. There was an oxygen OS Android 10 update and buy now. It is one of the best updates provided.

Yet the users are very dissatisfied because they cannot stream HD videos from any of the social media sites. Not just social media but also Netflix and Amazon Prime are included in the list, which is responsible for giving out a lot of HD videos to stream.

This problem, if not fixed as soon as possible, It will be a major issue. And many users my back away from getting the latest phone.

The HD Problem Surfaces
The HD Problem Surfaces

The Fix Will Be Available Soon

Fortunately, the one plus 8 HD factor has been noticed by the company. They reassured that this problem would be fixed as soon as possible. And it might be just a verb or a patch which is causing this.

The reassurance is that by the end of the Joan, you will be able to watch all HD videos without any more hindrances. Let’s hope that this happens soon so that the users don’t have to switch over. Or regret their decision to buy this phone.

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