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OnePlus 8 Pro Isn’t Your Portable X-Ray Scanner!

OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8

8 Pro Updates

OnePlus is one of the top brands in the mobile industry. OnePlus 8 Pro is one best phone, which has excellent features. It is with 48 MP Quad Camera. This camera is with a new high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera. Also, it has a 5MP color filter camera and withΒ  8MP hybrid zoom camera. This camera will capture videos, which are with improved stabilization with 120 degrees of filed view. However, this captures all the group photos to nighttime photos with its new features.

Also, the new featured camera has a fantastic feature of identifying pets to take a perfect snap. A new software algorithm will be in the mobile, that makes to change the camera settings. Most importantly, it can capture all the micro and tiny things very closely. To focus on the object, the user must keep a distance of 3cm from it, to get every detail. It will be 16MP in the front camera for every portrait mode.

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OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Vision

Users can apply the photochromic filter to their snaps, to change into surreal landscapes. Also, the mobile has the best multi-frame technology for the city lights shine with nightscape 3. So, Earlier, users of 8 Pro have noticed that they can see through objects.Β  But, recently, some users claimed that they cannot see through all the objects.

Users could see through some objects with the excellent feature of the mobile, filter camera sensor. So, all the rumors were like it is with an ‘x-ray vision’ that makes to look into some clothes and plastic. But, the company has not given any such information about these issues. Although, there is no clue about the colour filter camera, which is the fourth sensor on OnePlus 8 Pro.

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Other Details

However, the camera is excellent with its improves image quality and features. But, users were claiming that they can see parts of some objects with the color filter camera. Also, people are posting their experiences with this x-ray vision on 8 pro.

So, many people started answering them, that it is due to the infrared sensor which is available in OnePlus 8 Pro. So, OnePlus 8 Pro is not an X-ray scanner.


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