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OnePlus 8T Ad Stars Our Favorite Robert Downey Jr. And There’s A Special Edition


OnePlus 8t Has Cyberpunk 2007 Special Edition


For some time, Robert Downey Jr. has been the OnePlus face in China. After all, the star of the latest commercial, the one that contains the OnePlus 8T. This commercial starts with the brand new Warp Cost 65 and hits the digital camera and display screen.
As an approach to supporting the primary 48MP and the 16MP ultra-wide cameras, parts of this commercial were shot on an accurate OnePlus 8 T. For image stabilisation and 4 K 60 fps mode; video seizure will also get a nod.

The 120Hz display is also listed as one of the significant improvements to the vanilla OnePlus 8. However, even though the 8T is the first OnePlus to have it. The Always On Show is not included in the commercial.

The company has collaborated with CD Projekt Red to produce a Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition OnePlus 8T. The Advertisement looks fantastic.

Only A Trailer!

Source: Android Authority

This is just a preview, sadly, because we can’t see what the phone and custom accessories are going to look like yet. But on the way, there are plenty of Cyberpunk-themed products. One of the teaser images shows a glimpse of the 8T on a bespoke case with a yellow accent colour.

On November 4, a couple of weeks before the game itself launches. The OnePlus 8T 2077 will go on pre-sale.

The New OnePlus 8T looks promising with new editions and features. All we can do now is wait for the phone to be revealed.

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