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OnePlus Confirm 5 New Features For The Coming OxygenOS

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Tech giantΒ OnePlusΒ had introduced its new IDEAS program at the start of 2020. This program is going to enable customers to give their feedbacks and submit some new ideas for future OxygenOS releases. With the program, users will be able to put forth their concepts. The best possible feature will then be decided through a poll. The one with the highest vote count will get added to future OxygenOS build. OnePlus Confirm 5 New Features For The Coming OxygenOS

OnePlus Reveals 5 New Features

Officials at OnePlus have said the company has received over 5000 brilliant ideas with over 25k likes. The campaign has been successful and OnePlus has ended up adopting 5 new features for the coming OxygenOS. These are the 5 features OnePlus will be adding to the coming OxygenOS build.

OnePlus lists new features coming to OxygenOS, includes ...

  1. Sound pop up when the battery is fully charged:

In all previous versions, you had to enable your notifications to let you know when your phone was completely charged. But this new feature will play a sound notifying you when your battery is charged completely.

2. Always On Display

This feature was the most suggested. The Always On Display (AOD) will be rolled out by the end of the third quarter

3. New Essential Features For The Zen Mode

OnePlus is looking to improve the most appreciated Zen Mode by adding more essential features to it. It could include tools such as a calendar, calculator, etc, and so on.OnePlus 7 Pro’s Zen Mode Reportedly Coming to OnePlus 6 ...

4. Folders Within The App drawer

This new feature will allow users to group up to several apps into one particular folder within the app drawer.This will make it easy for your club apps based on their relevance and importance to you.

Example: The ‘Food and Drinks’ drawer will comprise all of your apps that are relevant to food, dining, and delivery.

5. Fingerprint Lock For Hidden Pictures In The Gallery

Oneplus will be adding an extra layer of security when it comes to your private photos. This means that no one other except you will be able to access the hidden pictures in your gallery

Rejected Ideas

Just the way OnePlus has adopted 5 features for the new OxygenOS build, it has also rejected several ideas. The following ideas won’t be making it to its Android skin

  • Call Recording
  • Study Mode
  • OnePlus Dex (Inspired by Samsung)
  • API support for GCam
  • Edge Notification Light
  • Variable Charging Speed
  • Custom fingerprint animation and
  • AMOLED dark mode.

New OxygenOS features for OnePlus 8 series - AllPhones

The company has justified each rejected idea on its OnePlus Community Platform.


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