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Oregon Town Is Burning: Wildfires Rage In Oregon California, Only Ruins Are Found!

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Oregon Town Is Burning: Wildfires Rage In Oregon, California, Only Ruins Are Found!: On Sunday, smouldering wildfires still ravaged the U.S. Pacific Coast state after causing widespread destruction. Search-and-rescue teams, with dogs in tow, were deployed across the blackened ruins of Southern Oregon towns.

This summer, wildfires across Oregon, California, and Washington have destroyed thousands of homes and a half dozen small towns. Since August, this blaze has killed more than two dozen people, destroyed 4 million acres of land.

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After four days of hot, windy weather, the weekend brought calmer winds blowing inland from the Pacific Ocean. But the officials think the weather will not help in thwarting the fire.
According to Oregon Governor Kate Brown said dozen people remain missing across three countries.

According to the states’ office of emergency management website said, 34 actives fires were burning in Oregon as of Sunday morning.

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Since Labor day, thick smoke and ash from fires have darkened skies over the Pacific Northwest. It has created some of the world’s worst air-quality levels. It has scared citizens, and most of them are indoors for days.

The Democratic governor said this is a wake-up call for everyone. We have to do everything we can to tackle climate change.

On Monday, President Donald Trump scheduled to travel to California and meet federal and state officials. Trump has blamed the Western governors for some of the intense fire breakouts.

Whatever may be the reason, global warming and climate change are significant factors, and people everywhere need to take it seriously.

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