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Ori And The Will Of The Wips: Released New Patch On XboX One And PC!

Ori And The Will Of The Wips

Gamers, howdy! Ori and the Will Of The Wisps is an amazing platform game. I have loved Ori since Ori And The Blind Forest. Basically, the characters finds itself in the midst of a magical experience looking for the lost someone. There are powerups all around in the game, even in the depth of this almost dying world.

It was released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Ori And The Will Of The Wips: About The Game

The gameplay is splendid, absolutely beautiful. Moon Studios did a good work on both the graphics as well as the soundtrack. Let’s admit it, a good soundtrack will make you play the game in your dreams. The sad ending (nope I haven’t finished it yet) really gets some of us.

The fans, despite the wonderful release, complained about a few glitches. For example, the occasional freezing of the scene for a maximum of 2 seconds, getting stuck in unusual positions, etc. Even after 10+ hours of the gameplay, you won’t quite get bored of it.

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Bugs and Fixes

The developers have gone through a very hard time in just enhancing the game Ori And The Will Of The Wips but glitches are unavoidable. Reportedly the fans sent back a lot of feedback about the troubles they faced in the game. These were effectively fixed.

Ori And The Will Of The Wips

The fixes had to be associating to- the resolution of the game screen, audio glitches, etc. As mentioned earlier, if you are stuck in unusual places please use the backup of the game to resolve the issue or just update to the recent one. Sometimes the font was found to be missing too, along with the achievement unlocks and save game files.

Ori And The Will Of The Wips: The Update

After the initial release around February, an update was provided in March. This upgrade will probably fix all the crashes and inconvenience. The page provides detailed information about the issues and changes that were made into it for both Xbox as well as PC. If you did not face a lot of drawbacks, you’re lucky! If you did, they have a solution now. What a relief!

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