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Original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio Has A Correction For The Jaden Smith Karate Kid !

New Karate Kid
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Karate Kid With Jaden Smith And Jackie Chan

Will Smith and his friend Jackie Chan decided to come forward to revive the Karate Kid series. Will Smith decided to cast his own son Jaden Smith for the movie and Jackie Chan essayed the role of the teacher who taught karate to Jaden. After the release of the movie, the movie met with mixed responses. Since it was a reboot of the original, it was bound to face comparison and criticism from the original. However, it also managed to carve out a separate fan base for itself. Moreover, the last rap song β€˜Never say never’ became a huge hit among the people.

Original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio Suggests One Improvement To The Jaden Smith Movie

Ralph Macchio was the original Karate Kid from the original series. Jaden Smith took his place in the reboot movie. One major difference between the two movies is that the Jaden Smith version shifts its base from LA to Beijing. In China, there is no concept of Karate and everyone learns Kung-Fu. Taking this in mind, he suggested that Will Smith should have changed the name to Kung-Fu Kid. However, he still likes the movie for how it has helped the series.

Cobra Kai To Come In Netflix As An Extension Of Karate Kid

Cobra Kai is a Netflix movie that released on 28 August. It tracks the life of the lead roles to the present day. Talking about the filmmakers, Ralph Macchio said, β€œJon, Josh, and Hayden know way more about the films than I ever did. We’ll be shooting a scene and they’ll say: β€˜Remember that time you lifted your left arm? The way you pointed that finger was definitive to my childhood!’ I’m like: β€˜Dude, I was just saying a line!’ Oh, it’s really wonderful.”

Old Karate Kid
Source: The Guardian

Ralph Macchio Names His Kid Daniel After His Character In Karate Kid

Ralph played the role of Daniel in Karate Kid. He has a soft corner for the movie that has given him so much love and fame to the point where he named his kid Daniel. He said, β€œThere was a chunk of time when my son was like: β€˜Did you have to?’ But now he’s proud of it. Unlike Ralph, Daniel is a classic, it never goes out of style, you know?”

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