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Oscars 2021 Likely To Be Postponed !


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. A worldwide lockdown is in progress. In addition to that, the disease continues to spread like wildfire. As the death rate rises by the hour, officials struggle hard to find a cure.

As economies cripple, this pandemic has disrupted every major industry on the planet. Almost every major event is canceled whereas several have been postponed. List of canceled events for the year 2020:

  • Comic-Con 2020
  • HeroesCon 2020
  • The Hollywood Bowl
  • The Met Gala
  • Shanghai Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival

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Oscars 2021 Postponed?

Variety reported The Academy is considering postponing the awards due to the outbreak. That’s right, we may not have an Oscars 2021 next year. If it happens, the Academy Awards will join dozens of movies, events, and conventions that have been canceled or postponed. Hollywood is essentially staying still right now from small TV shows to blockbuster MarvelΒ films. However, it’s hard to know right now when things might return to normal.

Many have expressed their disappointment regarding this alleged postponing as the Oscars are not until February 2021. Although, Christopher Nolan’s ‘TENET’Β is all set to release in cinemas in July 2020. And people are hoping for this film to kick start people going to the theatre. In the articles, sources said that definite plans are far from being concrete at this juncture. The telecast is currently set on February 28 on ABC.Β Although, it is likely to be postponed as per the sources.

The source cautioned that details including potential new dates have not been fully discussed or formally proposed yet. However, another source has revealed that the date is currently unchanged at ABC.

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How Does This Decision Affect The Films?

Under the usual rule, a film must have a 7-day theatrical release in Los Angeles CountyΒ to qualify for Oscar’s eligibility. However, the films released digitally in 2020 can qualify if the studio had originally planned a theatrical release. The new rule changes also include allowing Oscar-qualifying theatrical runs to take place in New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and the Bay Area, instead of just in Los Angeles.

It’s unclear if postponing the Oscars will also mean that the Academy will allow films released after the year-end deadline to qualify for the 2021 Oscars.

Looking at the current global scenario, cinemas aren’t going to be opening anytime soon!


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