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Outer Banks Season 2, Its Release Date And Lot More

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Β All About Outer Banks Season 2

Source: Popculturetimes

For Netflix, Outer Banks was one of the tremendous new debut series of 2020. Back in July 2020, a second season order was issued. The production is expected to restart at the end of August 2020. Here’s what we know so far about the arrival of Season 2 of Outer Banks to Netflix soon.
In mid-April 2020, the action crime drama starring Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and Madison Bailey first landed on Netflix.
Ten episodes have been released in total, and now all the attention is on season 2.

Will There Be A Season 2? The Answer Is Here

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Four months after its original release date of April 2020, Netflix eventually revealed the return of Outer Banks.

Later, with some of the cast members with two fingers held up, they added a new photo.
Then, soon afterwards, a video was released with the cast all sharing their enthusiasm for a second season.
As we heard from many outlets that it was in the works leading up to the renewal announcement, it did not come too much as a surprise. Jonas Pate, for instance, has teased that the show is a’ four-season book.’ Jonas Pate revealed to EW that the writing team wrote season 2 and Netflix approved it.

A Reddit AMA with a show crew member (who was checked by a moderator) also displayed hope for the second season’s chances as well. He said that it was “95%” likely that season 2 would occur. Three days later, the crew member said that as of May 4, 2020, the series had been renewed.

The Release Date Of The Season 2

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We heard in August 2020 that the production is actively growing. It is eyeing a return to filming on August 31, 2020. Because several shows in the US remain stalled, the series will be shot in Charleston, South Carolina.
Netflix’s French account tweeted out the news on September 10th, 2020 that shooting on location had started. Alongside a few initial photographs of the returning cast.

We follow a group of teenagers in the series who use a treasure map that shows where $400 million of gold is hidden sunk. The relationships are all strained, and finally, Ward ends up stealing the treasure. Skip forward.
At the end of the season, one sees John B arrested for Ward’s father’s murder.
Josh Pates has teased us that for the first few episodes of season 2, we’re going to the Bahamas saying:

β€œThere would be a couple episodes that take place, at least partially, in the Bahamas, it unfolds into a bigger mystery. We keep our old villains and we add some new ones. But it always comes back to theΒ Outer Banks.”

Also, for season 2, Josh has teased a new villain, the Ward might not necessarily get justice early in season 2 and, most importantly, waiting for new mysteries.

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