Outriders: Game Previews, Square Enix ‘s Upcoming Outriders With A Powerful Name

Outriders is an upcoming science-fiction online role-playing game with loads of adventure, guns, and superpowers. This game developed in a collaboration of Square Enix and People Can Fly. It will release on Dec 31 this year. Have you seen ‘The Titan’? It’s based on the same idea as Outriders.


The plot of the game is set in the future. When the earth is destroyed, and for survival, the only hope is Enoch. Enoch is the planet where human beings can live. Outrider is a soldier who travels to explore the planet and oversee security. Then the soldier and his troop caught in a storm called The Anomaly. They got injured and emerged into three-decade-long sleep.

The main characters of Outriders.

Waking up, they found the planet at its limited resources and fighting over it. The survivers of Anamoly wake up with supernatural abilities. They can set fire to their enemies, make them explode, even turn their opponents inside out. Also, they can slow down the time, light fire in arm. And they heal their damages by their power too.

The players can use their supernatural abilities during combats such as firearms. There is a lot of splashing of blood in the game. The language of the game is also strong. And there is also a lot of strong visuals like frequent smoking and drinking scenes.

Outriders: Gameplay

The game will launch four unique classes. Amongst them, 3 announced – the Trickster, the Devastator and the Pyromancer. The last one reveals soon. The players can also customize their characters. There is a short hair girl who appeared in the gameplay trailer. So, the outrider may customize as a girl. There are also options for colour.

The gameplay image of Outriders with its leading roles.


In the old and new testaments in the Bible, Enoch is important as a prophet. The character never experienced death, like Elijah in the old testament. During Revelation Enoch returned to planet as ‘Humanity’s Last Hope’. But he eventually got killed. So, maybe the name of the planet is influenced by The Bible.

The outriders will release on Xbox One, Xbox One Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on Window’s PC platforms. And the price for the game is $59.99.

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