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Overwatch: Mei Nerfed And Ashe Buffed

What Is Overwatch?

Have you guys ever heard of the game Overwatch? Of course yes. Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based action and arcade game. The game is super addictive and enjoyable in terms of its replayability and with a huge amount of characters to play.Β  It has very simplified RPG controls. It amazingly suits all PS console gamers. This game was released on 27th October 2015. This game has also won the award for the Best Game Of The Year.Β 

So are you guys excited? Of course, say yes. The following article is about some amazing and surprising content.

What Are The Latest Updates?

In the first week of April, Overwatch released some of its biggest updates and announcements. Thes live server updates have gone viral and live. Five heroes would be changed according to these updates. This news was shocking for all the addicted gamers out there.Β 


Let Us Talk About Mei And Ashe

The title of this article might be surprising and shocking, but it is true. Ashe and Mei are the most impacted ones because of these changes. Overwatch League also got impacted because of these changes.Β Β 

The ammunition count of Mei decreased from 200 to 120. This will impact her primary and alt firing.Β 

The ammunition count of Ashe increased from 12 to 15. A diverse amount of changes were made to such decisions.Β 

Ashe To The Viper

  • Increase in ammunition from 12 to 15
  • There are no longer queue up shots possible without recovery
  • The range of unscoped shots is increased from four to six
  • Rapid firing of shotsΒ 
  • Rapid reloading than before

Genji To The ShurikenΒ 

  • A faster recovery rate of 0.65 secondsΒ 

Mei To Endothermic Blaster

  • A decrease in ammunition from 200 to 120
  • A decrease in the price of ammunition from 20 to 10

Pharah To Rocket Launcher


  • Increase in the damage of explosion till 80 as compared to previous
  • Reported decrease of impact damage to 40

Reinhardt To General

  • Twenty percent decrease in the passive resistance

These patch updates will be removing certain bug fixes too. Fixed a bug that caused Ashe’s unscoped fire to become unusable. Fixed a bug that caused Ashe’s weapon to appear incorrectly in the Kill Feed.Β 

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