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Paper Beast VR

The PSVR title PAPER BEAST presents the player with a poetic feel which is set to release this year on PlayStation VRΒ  with a creative mode called the sandbox mode. The date is still not confirmed by the publisher

The trailer was first released in the Sony’s State of Play. The game is based on the book Origami Design Secrets by Robert J.Lang in 2003

The game is designed by Eric Chahi, who is known for his best works like Another World and Heart of Darkness started his own studio called Pixel Reef in 2016. Chahi decides to make paper beast compatible with VR systems

Chahi said, β€œ The first use of paper is to write on it, which strongly connects it to data, it is a connection to information. So why not create a universe born out of bid data?”

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The game is focused on a relaxing journey rather than a pressurized thrill game. A flat sheet of paper is modeled into an elegant paper crane.

The player plays as a V R user exploring Β the wildlife adventure who will face a different kind of issues with the environment and try to solve it with the help of elements and shaping the environment

The players will be given the advantage to customize their own environment like they can control the climate, and fill the world with their favorite origami fauna, river, lakes, and plants- this mode is called the sandbox mode. There is also another mode called the adventure mode.

The creatures in the game adapt to different unusual situations created by the player and give responses, which can be a fun encounter to the player.

The player can set any climate like a mini storm, churning sandstorms, or a global rainstorm to which the creatures get adapted and react to the changes. There is an unusual blob-like object seen at the beginning of the trailer; the creator said it would have a role in the Paper beast play.


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