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Parents In US Waiting For Schools To Reopen Amid Coronavirus. Dr. Fauci Has The Answer To This !

Dr. Fauci
Source: CGTN

Dr. Fauci Prefers People Without Mask On Outdoors Than Indoors

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the US by storm. The US economy is broken down and the unemployment rate has hit a new high altogether. At this point, Dr. Fauci, senior adviser to Donald Trump is confident of a virus. However, the main reason for the rise is the ignorance of people to social distancing. Doctor Fauci feels going to an enclosed crowded area rather than an outdoor crowd is more dangerous due to lack of ventilation. He said, β€œBut my blood evaporates when I see people indoors in a bar or in a crowded area. It’s worse being indoors in a crowd without a mask, with poor ventilation, because outdoors is always better than indoors.”

Dr. Fauci Gives An Idea Of School Reopening In the US

Parents are worried about their kids as everything has come to a standstill and kids are not able to go to school. Dr. Fauci gave an idea regarding the reopening of schools. In the US, areas are divided into red, green, and yellow zones based on the number of cases. Connecting the dots, Dr. Fauci said, β€œIf you are in a green zone, in general, there is a good degree of impunity, because of a lower risk of getting infected. If you’re in a red zone, then you really have to think twice about whether it’s prudent to bring the children back to school. If you’re in a yellow one, you should have a plan: Can you safeguard the health, the safety and the welfare of the children and the teachers?

Dr. Fauci Highlights The Irony Of His Position

Dr. Fauci at the moment is getting a lot of hate and love from the people. On one hand, people are respecting him for carrying the work of COVID management in the US while there are some who are offended by the poor management under the Trump administration.

Source: CGTN

Dr. Fauci Reveals He Has Received Death Threats

Dr. Fauci also revealed that the hate of some people has even turned to a point where they started giving him death threats. However, he does not take these things seriously and is focusses on his work.

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