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Paris Hilton Is Proud Of The Kardashians After KUWTK Comes To An End!

Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian
Source: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Reveals Her Thoughts Behind End Of KUWTK

Paris Hilton Is Proud Of The Kardashians After KUWTK Comes To An End!: Paris Hilton is a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. So when the family decided to end the KUWTK, Paris had a thing or two to say about it. She feels the cast will now give more importance to their businesses and their family. She said:

β€œThey have huge business empires. I am sure they want to spend their time doing that and being with [their] families. And after 20 seasons, I think they are ready to just live their life and not be on camera every second.”

Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian
Source: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Is Incredibly Proud Of The Kardashians

Paris is happy about how things are turning out for the Kardashians. Her very close friend Kim is already handling business while the youngest Kardashian Kylie is already a billionaire with her business booming at the moment. Talking about how the family has turned their fate, Paris said:

β€œIt makes me feel incredibly proud. I have known [Kim] since we were little girls, and the empires that she and her sisters and her mother have built is just amazing. I love them all so much, and it’s exciting to see your friends do well.”

Kris Jenner Is Happy For Ending KUWTK At 20

Before the coronavirus pandemic ruinedΒ  2020 for everyone, 20 was not such an insufficient number. Now it is almost like calling it as unlucky as 13. However, Kris Jenner is happy that her family is ending the show at 20 and can make use of this to take a break and relax a bit. She said:

β€œI think the number 20 used to sound good until 2020, but the number 20 just seemed like the right time I think for us to take a minute and breathe and everybody slows down a bit … figure out what our next steps are.”

Source: E!

Kris Jenner Feels KUWTK Had An Amazing Run

Kris Jenner is content with how the reality show has come to an end. She is more than happy about how things have come to a full stop. She said:

β€œWe’ve had such an amazing run and we’re so grateful … for every single moment and everyone we work with.”

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