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Patrick Mahomes Reveals What His Girlfriend Brittany Got Him For Birthday!

Patrick Mahomes Reveals Girlfriend’s Gift For Him

Patrick Mahomes Reveals What His Girlfriend Brittany Got Him For Birthday!:

On Sept. 17, Patrick Mahomes celebrated his 25th birthday and got almost everything he wanted last year.Β  Matthews, however, decided to do something special for his birthday, offering a significant upgrade to his car. On KCSP 610 Sports Radio, the Super Bowl MVP was talking about his birthday present.

Last week, Mahomes celebrated his 25th birthday. During an appearance on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City on Monday, the Super Bowl MVP got asked if he would receive any unique gifts. He immediately stated what his longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews did for him.

Β Surprising Gift!

Patrick and Brittany

β€œBrittany upgraded my car,” Mahomes said. β€œShe re-did the inside of my car and the interior and all that different type of stuff. I had no idea it was coming so it was a great gift.”

Together, Mahomes and Matthews had a banner month. When the Chiefs earned their Super Bowl rings, the high school sweethearts got engaged a few weeks ago. For the proposal, we all can see here, Mahomes went all-out.

Matthews is the loudest supporter of Mahomes. Jackson, the QB’s brother, gives her some competition in that department.

Although the couple is hoping to marry, Mahomes is looking for another Super Bowl to win. In overtime on Sunday, Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 23-20 victory. He knows he has some stuff to focus on, though, as he got off to a slow start.

“I think I was so frustrated at the beginning of the game because I knew it was just me that was killing the team,”Β he told reporters after the game. “

The Chiefs have their most extensive test of the season next Monday night when they face the Baltimore Ravens. A team led by reigning MVP Lamar Jackson. Mahomes told 610 Sports Radio of KCSP. He looks forward to the matchup.

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