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Paul McCartney Talks New Album and Kanye West


Excellent material, they say.

So when McCartney and his team revealed a few months ago that the LP would be postponed by a week due to unforeseen production delays,” well, no biggie.

McCartney zoomed into The Tonight Show on Thursday night (Dec. 17) to talk with Jimmy Fallon about life during the lockdown, making music, and much more.
The new album was created in isolation, a method that was as organic as the nearby farms in eastern Sussex.

“I’ve just been in a lockdown, I’ve had some time on my hands, so I started finishing some songs and stuff, thinking this is just for my fun,” he said. “I unexpectedly had only 11 of them. It was ‘oh, this was going to be an album.
Despite having no formal instruction, McCartney played every instrument on the LP that he demoted on the way to family members.
“I haven’t been educated in anything. Nothing. Nothing. I wasn’t,” he admitted. His lack of music theory has not proven to be an obstacle to his artistic career. “There’s still time for me to get lessons,” he said. Not from Fallon.

Paul McCartney Talks New Album, Spotify and Kanye West | Billboard

Sometimes I let it happen.

The two-time inductee into the Hall of Fame even went through some album songs, the dice artwork’s roots, and his listening habits. He listens to Spotify and radio, obviously, and an associate gives him new release songs, “to keep me up with modern tastes,” he quipped.
McCartney has shared his understanding of the collaborative process. “Sometimes I let it happen, I let it come to me,” he said.

That’s how it all turned out when Kanye West and McCartney collaborated on “FourFiveSeconds,” a track that originated in a conversation in which the great Beatles strummed out a guitar melody.
Kanye was capturing the moment, unknown to him. Two months later, voila, a full-length recording, arrived with Rihanna’s vocal feedback. “I didn’t even know I was making a song again,” McCartney said.




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