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Pearl Jam Band Member ‘Mike McCready’ on Jacob Blake, What Does He Says? Check Here

The Rock Band Pearl Jam, statement over Jacob Blake
The Rock Band Pearl Jam, statement over Jacob Blake

The famous American Rock band Pearl Jam has already won many hearts, by the songs and music they produce. The band consists of four members who are indulged in playing instruments and music. The band is formed in 1990 in Washington and now is worldwide known for the as the best music band.

As a famous rock band, various concerts are performed by the group member around the world. A Pearl band is not just a rock band but a good music producer. The association of Pearl band with Jacob blake is in the news, and people are curious to know what does the band has to do with Jacob Blake. Lets us take an in-depth look at the topic and get informed about the same.

Aggression and Disappointment of people WorldWide

The Rock Band Pearl, Jam statement over Jacob Blake
The Rock Band Pearl Jam, statement over Jacob Blake

The resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin Jacob Blake has been shot by the police multiple times at the back. The unarmed and innocent black man became a victim of police brutality in the states of America. The incident is of no surprise because such actions and inhuman activities against blacks have been practised previously.

America is indeed the superpower and has authorities over other nations but has many issues going on in the country. Racism is the traditional inhuman practises being followed. However, the increase in inhumane practises and cruelty have resulted in the awakening of local citizens and people worldwide. People are in no mood of tolerating and following such nonsense which harms people and results in death.

The Rock Band Pearl Jam, statement over Jacob Blake

Netizens, localities, celebrities and others worldwide have shown their support and sympathy to Jacob Blake. As people are demanding for justice, many other known personalities have joined them in for the same. Pearl jam member Mike McCreadyΒ recently posted an Instagram post regarding blacks and Jacob Blake.

He says β€œThank you, NBA, WNBA, MLB, and MLS for using your platform to protest and stand for equality in this country. We have to be straight allies because we are up against 400 years of systemic oppression written into the laws of this country – laws that made it impossible to protest, vote, send kids to better schools, access hospitals, choose where to live, and even around marketing alcohol.

Systemic racism goes deep and is embedded in our laws. In the neighbourhood where I grew up, they had sundown laws. A local real estate company used to write in legal deeds of houses that the β€˜property shall not be resold, leased, rented, or occupied except to or by persons of the Aryan race…’

This stuff existed all around us, but many of us are still blind to the extent of it and its impact. Only now is America finally waking up. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, β€˜the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ I have to believe in the inherent value of protesting as part of the fabric of America. Everyone has to use the resources available to them to bring about equality.

Β #JacobBlake – Mike McCready.”

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