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Pete Davison Slams J.K. Rowling For Being Transphobic

Pete Davison

SNL Last Night Episode And Pete Davison

Last night SNL was all fun with all the fantastic performances. Where they broadly discuss the ongoing dispute in American politics funnily. From Joe Biden to Kamala Haris, they discuss everything. Maya Rudolph crashes the character of Kamala Haris where Jim Carrey rocks the Joe Biden role.

With all this, Pete Davison was an integral part of the show, and he hilariously slams a few famous personalities. He very smartly attacks Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling for her recent book. The book was very much controversial for the substance she added. She in her book mentioned transgender people and was not went well with the netizens.

Pete Davison Slams J.K. Rowling

The fantastic writer is being criticised for many days now for her book and the way she portrayed the transgender people. The text for many is a symbol of her transphobic nature. And recently Saturday Night Live also brought the issue in their latest episode. Pete Davison plays the catalyst here, and he started slamming J.K. Rowling for the writing.

Pete Davison leaves no stone underneath to slam the British writer. Davison himself is a big fan of Harry Potter, and he has several tattoos on the marvellous series. He said J.K Rowling is a fantastic writer, and her Harry Potter series is the best. He is reading books from the age of six. But that can’t justify her action in her recent books which clearly shows that she is transphobic.

Transphobic Is An Ill Mentality

In this era where people are accepting everyone irrespective of gender and people are fighting for that. Such narrow thinking is entirely unacceptable from an eminent personality like J.K Rowling. Pete Davison slams the writer for her action heavily. She should rise above limited thinking and work for the humankind.

Pete Davison
Source: NME

Davison also said, Harry Potter is very close to him, and thus he made the tattoos to show his love for the series. But such action from such a celebrity write is unacceptable, and this breaks his heart. Also, he stopped reading Harry Potter.

SNL’s last episode was lit for many such reasons, including the great performances and comedy timing!

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