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Peter Parker’s Old Look And New Look Combined: Surprisingly, Looks Like Chris Evans


Peter Parker’s Old Look And New Look Combined: Surprisingly, Looks Like Chris Evans: Who doesn’t love Spiderman? After all, he is not only a superhero but also someone with whom everyone can relate. So we always keep following his tactics and looks, which is the most admirable one. Peter Parker’s new look has also caught our attention. But this time in a different way.



Spider-Man: Here's What Chris Evans Could Look Like as Peter Parker

New Version Of Spiderman

Sony releases a new edition on PS5 that shared a look of an updated version of Spiderman. This time they have not gone with any visual effect changes. But instead completely changed Peter Parker’s appearance, which resulted in him looking like Tom Holland. However, the developer says that it was not intentional and the aim was to make him look like Yuri Lowenthal who portrays the character in the game.

Mixed Reaction From Fans

The new-look of Peter Parker in Marvel Spiderman Remastered has gained mixed reactions from fans. Some People stick to the original design while some have liked the new version. We should always adapt to new things! But specific fas find the updated version so childish and not so real. It is the reason why many doesn’t like it.

Face App Provides Better Version

The Twitter user NolanEC11 created a combined version of peter’s original design in Marvel Spiderman and the updated version on PS5 using face app. The result was quite unusual. It looked similar to Chris Evans, our Captain America hero. This digital artist is already famous for doing such things. The fun fact is many people liked this version of Peter Parker than the updated version introduced in the game

But whatever it is we can’t change it now, because this version is going to be permanent for all the instalment of the future series. The game is expected to be released onΒ  November exclusively on PS5. in the game, we can see Miles fighting against the group of villains who are threatening Harlem. It will occupy less place as it is not the full sequel of Marvel Spiderman. Just waiting to play that!

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