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Piers Morgan Slammed Kim Kardashian For Uploading A Semi Naked Shower Picture With Sister Kylie.

Talking about drama and the Kardashians and Jenners are back with it. On 11th August 2020, Kim Kardashian uploaded a half-naked sexy shower picture with sister the Kylie Jenner, captioned it ‘Happy Birthday’.

Piers Morgan tweets’ Wierd’ referring to Kim’s and kylie’s picture.

Followers were more than shocked by this picture; in fact, the Britan journalist comments the picture as ‘wired’.

She uploaded a series of 6-8Β photos. One of themΒ shows Kardashian West and Jenner standing in a showerΒ togetherΒ wearing clothes but soaking wet. FollowersΒ called their body language sensual provocativeΒ and vulgar, which some followers thought was a bit strange for siblings.


Soon after the picture goes viral all over the internet, Kim decides to delete the picture after Piers Morgan comments ‘so weird’ on the picture. Piers Morgan tweet got her into an awkward position where she was left with no choice but to delete the picture.

Awkward moment for the Kardashian

This tweet of Piers was retweeted 2.5k times, and the majority of the people seem to agree with him. OneΒ of themΒ commented: “Nothing says happy birthday as much asΒ a nude photo with my sister..”

AnotherΒ personΒ added: “Only a narcissist like Kim chooses a photo like this for a birthday message to someone else.”

But not everyone agrees some of the response were ‘what’s weird sir.’

And ‘it’s just my sister and me with our million dollars so what’s wrong’.

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The Kardashians and Jenners well know how to ignore their haters, and they don’t’ t seem to care much. But the Piers Morgan tweet has definitely got the celebrity into an awkward moment.

Let me tell you guys the Kardashian can never get enough of the dramas. They maintain to be on the front page every week with some of the other scandals. What do you think about Piers commenting on Kim’s and Kylie’s picture? Do you think it what necessary?

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