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Piers Morgan: Thief in Pierce Morgan’s Luxurious Rented French House

Piers Morgan: British journalist Piers Morgan and his wife were burgled in their luxurious rented French house. This is no less than breaking news. Soon after the incident happened, it was reported in β€˜ the daily telegram’. The 44-year-old wife Walden reports that thieves broke into the house while they were sleeping.

Walden then explains that she woke up hearing some noise at 6:15 am and goes downstairs and notices that her handbag was upside-down on the sofa while her jewellery box was empty beside it. Soon after she finds out that someone broke into, she wakes her husband up. The couple was shocked and furious about what just happened.

The thief broke in?

WaldenΒ said that all her cash was stolenΒ in addition to a collection of sentimental jewels.

The items that were stolen included an Art Deco luxuriousΒ ring that Morgan had bought Walden for their fifth anniversary and a vintage GucciΒ cuff. All the expensive items were stolen. Everything.


Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan

She further adds β€œEach and every last piece I had with me was gone, none of it of great price, all of it irreplaceable,” she wrote.

Later what she wrote will make you even furious. She adds β€œThen I recollected the up-side downturned handbag found in the other room had originally placed on a chair in our bedroom where I was sleeping with my husband and later was found in the living room up-side-down. They must have come in there and stood inches away from us while we slept,” Walden wrote.

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What would have happened if we would be woken up during the time they were in our room. They might have just attacked us to get all the money and jewels. She says she lucky that she and her husband are completely safe but whatever happened makes her and very furious.

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