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Pinterest Latest New Lens Feature Update

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Pinterest is an American company, which is an image sharing and social media service company. It has got its website and app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The website and app are very popular and expected to cross the total membership of social media companies like Snapchat in the future. Many small scale companies try to bring their company into the digital space using Pinterest. The company, which based in San Francisco, attracts more than 300 million monthly active users.


Lens Camera On Pinterest

Many at times, people love something they see so much that they feel like buying it. However, when they go on the internet looking for that thing, they don’t find the same stuff. This is primarily because they find it difficult to describe the thing with words. It is very much possible that you may not know the exact word to describe your product and miss out on buying it. The Pinterest app has a feature where you have to use the Pinterest camera and take its photo when you see it. The app will run it the app and find you what looks similar to the pic.

New Update On Pinterest

Earlier the lens camera showed images from all the sites irrespective of whether it was from an online shopping site or not. Now the app has come up with an update where you will find a β€˜Shop’ tab in the Lens Camera search. Clicking pictures under this tab will show you products from sites that offer the product for purchase. The site also provides a link to the site’s checkout page from where you can directly purchase the product.

What Pinterest Has To Say

The lens camera search feature struck a chord with the users. β€œIf you see it, you can shop it,” Pinterest said in its announcement. β€œThe magic of Lens is it can help you shop even when you don’t have the words for a text search,” Pinterest says it is now seeing as many as three times the number of visual searches using the Pinterest camera compared with 2019. This shows that people have become familiar with the feature and are using it more often.

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