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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Do We Need A New Captain Jack Sparrow! You Must Know The Rumours!

pirates of the caribbean
The return of kraken in the Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 is expected.

Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Controversy

The “Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard” lawsuit isn’t limited to just a courtroom anymore. As a result, the lives of both of them are affected. There are charges against our own Captain Jack Sparrow over beating her ex-wife. Due to this lawsuit, Amber Heard is rumoured to be kicked out of Aquaman 2. The film’s poster was released a month ago. In the sign, only Jason Momoa was seen beside the river shore with his Trident. But but but, Amver was missing from the poster. It was soon suggested that makers don’t Amber in this movie, as their reputation would be on stake. Now a similar situation is coming up with Johnny Depp.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp portraying the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates Of The Caribbean.

He may be shown a way out of his legendary character, Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s one of the most loved characters in the world. Some may even say that it’s the best that Mr Depp showed the world. If this rumour comes true, then we can’t face the demise of our favourite.

Captain Jack Sparrow: The Legend Vs Disney

The legendary Captain is someone who even makes his rivals fall for him. Such is his charisma and character. A drunk, egoist and self-centred classic Pirate. In other words, he has it all. From a child to a legit old one, everyone just adores his selfishness. But same as Amber, he may also be shown an exit gateway.

Disney may be ready to let one of their best characters leave. But at what cost? Is Disney prepared to take such a huge step when it’s time for the new instalment? I agree that like DC Universe, their reputation is also at stake. But can it cost the legendary franchise which may be the reason for their success in the new decade?

Captain Jack Sparrow
Zac Efron to play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean replacing Johnny Depp.

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Exploring Available Options: Can They Challenge This Character?

Words are there that to get rid of Depp, Disney may be planning for a prequel. And their choice is Zac Effron. Really? I mean he is talented but can he replace Depp? Only time will tell that. Characters like Dominic Torreto, John Wick, Rocky and Captain Jack Sparrow are irreplaceable, and we can’t imagine anyone to cover for them. If words are real, then fans should be ready to bid an emotional farewell to their favourite, and this may affect this legendary franchise. Just hope for the best.

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