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Plague Inc. Banned in China After Cyberspace Administration Claimed It To Be illegal

Plague Inc. Banned

Ndemic Creations officially declared the ban of “Plague Inc .” in China due to its unlawful content in the game. The Cyberspace Administration of China claimed formally the game to be illegal and to remove it from the Chinese app store on February 27, 2020

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Plague Inc. is one of the strategy simulation game having more than 130 million players which was considered as an educational tool

Plague Inc. is a virus simulation recreation encouraging its players to create their own a deadly pathogen designed to destroy the whole human race by spreading it from a spot of origin.

It was banned after its increased digital downloads even after the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus killed more than 2,800 people and more than 82,000 people are infected around the world

The game producers of the Studio Ndemic Creations stated that the situation was out of their control in a statement posted on their website

It was written, “Plague Inc. stands out as an intelligent and sophisticated simulation that encourages players to think and learn more about serious public health issues.”

“We have a huge amount of respect for our Chinese players and are devastated that they are no longer able to access and play Plague Inc.”

The gamers started simulating the outbreak of coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China. In the Steam Charts, in early February, there is a massive spike coinciding with the reports of spread in China

The players outside China can still download and access the game and can even simulate the virus spread and quarantine it

Plague Inc developer responded to the ban

They stated that it seems to be unclear why the Chinese language authorities banned the app. They said what exactly is illegal in Plague Inc is unclear since it is not related to politics or any other content things Β like skeletons, gore for which China usually bans video games

The developers said that the game would get its updates in the rest of the world and they will be finding the reasons and clarify it with the Cyberspace Administration of China

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