Plague Inc Banned in China. Information Revealed

Plague Inc. Banned

” The game has been praised for helping users understand public health issues”.


In this outbreak, China has banned one of the popular game” Plague Inc” which simulates a fictional pandemic and had removed it from the local version of the apple store, after the determination that ” it includes content that is illegal in China” by the country’s cyberspace administration.

The reason behind this battle comes out, as people in China are still fighting with a deadly disease ” coronavirus” and this is the ongoing battle for so many days, endlessly.

The fact portraits the picture clearly that if this removal is linked to ongoing disease which China is facing. However, plague INC Educational importance has been taken into consideration by the organisations like, centre for disease control and prevention, and working with health organisation globally, to help and control the covid-19.


plague Inc is a virus simulation game, where players were allowed to create an infection, pick a spot of origin and to observe if they can grow it in a way that it becomes capable of destroying the human race.

Though it was launched eight years ago, it now has 130 million players worldwide and also had gained popularity in china amid the coronavirus outbreak, becoming the bestselling app in the country in January.


According to a BBC report, it was the best selling app in china at one time in January 2020. the removal of the app from the store has become an ongoing issue, and the reason behind Apple is also earning criticism. Several apps have been removed from the store, serving particular countries or regions, some of them are removed by the requests from the government due to legal violations, and 94 apps were removed after government requests related to ” platform violations” or conflicts with Apple own policies, many related to gambling.

As the game became popular, Ndemic also issued a statement urging players not to use the game as a scientific simulation for the spread of coronavirus.

Some players are downloading the game to help and support themselves, taking this as a way to cope with the ” ferocious, sharp” fear that is spread in the environment due to this virus.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad notes that there are still apps that contain a virus or plague related games and also china, earlier has also banned or restricted games that ” harm the public ethics”, disturbs social order, or challenge social stability and even the games with ” false information”.


The reason to choose this time to remove the app is, although china’s views on gaming as a whole seem to be deteriorating, the virus has given birth to fear in the minds of the people. The cyber administration of china made only a general statement that the game includes illegal content; what exactly is illegal in the game remains unclear.

Perhaps its part of larger control effect, as some already reported that critics of china virus efforts have disappeared in the country.

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