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Plans: Launching At least 5, 5G Smartphones: Realme 2020

Realme 2020

The Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer is named as Realme. The brand officially was established on May 4, 2018. It is found by Sky Li. He was the Vice president of Oppo Electronics earlier.

Within a period of 2 to 3 years, they developed better quality phones. And they are still developing. Its new phones are going to get launched soon with better qualities.

The Company not just develops Smartphones but also develops other products like earphones, fitness bands, and bags. Realme brings reality to us. We like reality than artificially created reality.


Realme 2020

It is reported that Realme is going to introduce at least five 5G smartphones in 2020. On February 24th, Realme introduced the X50 Pro with 5G in Madrid, Spain. The country manager Emilio Alvarez also announced the Company’scompany’s plan on the stage.

He announced on the stage that they are planning to come up with at least five 5G smartphones to support our next-generation networks. It is a part of a big and vital plan to build a 5G ecosystem.

Let the Company’scompany’s lead the 5G to the markets. The executive’s revealed that their main goal and the strategy is to deliver devices with 5G in more price segments. They believe that there will be high demand for the feature in lower market segments.


Further Actions By Realme

Some smartphones with 5G will appear in some of the countries. The countries include Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, Czechia, Greece, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and more.

Further, the Company is going to stop introducing 4G network smartphones in China. The firm decided to launch the only 5G phones in China as a part of their strategy called “All in 5G”.

Currently, Realme developed two smartphones with a 5G network, the Realme X50, and the Realme X50 Pro.

With these, Mediatek introduced two 5G platforms. These are for entry-level and mid-range devices called Dimensity 800 and Density 1000. So soon, we can see them in the Realme phones.

The X50 Pro is the first smartphone in India that is with 5G. India is nowhere ready to get 5G anytime soon. But still, companies are on the race to start it here in India.

So let us wait for the 5G network smartphones at least five by Realme.





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