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PlayStation 4 exclusiveΒ The Last Of Us Part 2 Spoilers And Controversy About It

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There are all sorts of controversies surrounding the upcomingΒ Naughty DogΒ PS4Β exclusive.
The Last Of Us Part 2.Β Though the game has officially gone gold, it has marred by leaks. The game’s entire gameplay leaked a few months back. But as now, people have got tired of the leaks and the controversy surrounding the game.

The gruesome plot of Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusiveΒ The Last of Us Part IIΒ has spoiled as part of a major story and gameplay leak. The community’s response has been negative due to some hugely controversial plot points that could prove more traumatic than some of the biggest twists from the original.

What Has Happened Exactly?

A few months back, the gameplay of the upcoming horror survival game was leaked all over the Internet. It led to the revelations of various factors that meant as a surprise to the fans. As per fans from around the globe, the new leak makes the game speculative with a bad narrative, insufficient characters, and a forced pandering agenda. According to them, this could be damaging to the future of video game development and certain political ideologies.

If fan theories are to believed, there are two hypothetical to be believed here. However, neither one assured me at this one. The first and most desirable hypothesis is that the leaks do not represent the final product accurately. Though they accurately represent key plot points, it lacks further context.

Alternatively, we could be looking at a vertical slice of the narrative that deliberately excludes the extremely powerful and emotional playoffs. There could be expertly crafted character development in there.


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The Last Of Us Part 2 Controversy Surrounding The Game

Though there have been colossal backlashes exploding over the Internet,Β SonyΒ has confirmed that it will NOT be delaying the launch. However, it is yet unknown whether Sony could force some last-minute top-down edits as an insurance against the leak. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the game than anyone anticipated a year ago.

A listing for the upcoming action-horror game by retail giantΒ GameStopΒ could force NaughtyDog to rebuke the game altogether. As per the listing description, the game has dogs playing an emotional role in the game. Each dog has a name and an owner. Though they arent wild dogs, they are trained to hunt and kill on your command. His emotional aspect is propelled further by the dog owner’s cries as discover their lifeless canine companions have been dispatched by Ellie, presumably fueling more hatred for the player.


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