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PlayStation 5 Games: Horizon Forbidden West Hits PS 5 In 2021!

Horizon Forbidden West On PS 5!
Source: GameSpot

Β PlayStation 5 Games: Horizon Forbidden West Hits PS 5 In 2021!: On 11th June, Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled the new PlayStation 5 console during their live event. The new console is futuristic with a sleek design.

The next-gen console is said to be the future of game streaming. Unfortunately, we don’t know when PS 5 will release, but we estimate it to release during Holiday season this year.

New PS 5 Console Launch
Source: Metro

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During the launch, Sony told us the games we’ll be playing on the next-gen console. One of the most exciting games which I read about is ‘Horizon Forbidden West’.

Let us dig into the details of Horizon Forbidden West.

Everything You Need To Know About Horizon Forbidden West Game

The Horizon Forbidden West game is an upcoming action role-playing game which is going to release on the new PS 5. The game is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn (2017).

Horizon Forbidden West On PS 51
Source: Glitched

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Set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, the player plays from a third-person perspective. Players control Aloy(girl), a hunter, who travels to a western California ravaged by massive storms and deadly machines.

Horizon Forbidden West On PS 5

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the 2017 game Horizon Zero Dawn and, now we are getting another game on PS 5! You can check the trailer here! The sequel will release in 2021.
Aloy From Horizon Forbidden West
Source: TechRadar
According to Mathijs de Jonge, Guerilla Games (the developer) is aiming to release the game next year. It means the game will not be available when PS 5 launches during the holiday season.

What To Expect From Horizon Forbidden West

De Jonge gave us some details about the new game! The world of Forbidden West is going to be even more detailed than the previous game. They have a new map too.

As I have played the first part, I am sure that if De Jonge says that the new one is going to be more detailed, it will be. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most thrilling games one can play!

The game is rolling out on PS 5 which means the game is going to have good graphics! De Jonge is offering us new ammunition to study, scan and fight along with new tribes of humans to encounter.

Having said this, I expect the sequel- Horizon Forbidden West to surpass the previous one! Stay tuned to find out more!




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