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PlayStation 5: Hitman 3 Is Officially On PS 5

Hitman 3 On PS 5
Source: IO Interactive

PlayStation 5 Reveal Hitman 3: Sony disclosed the new PlayStation 5 on 11th June at their launch event. The fans love this futuristic design to the next-gen console for its sleek approach. I believe, PS 5 is the future of gaming stream.

We got an insight into various details of the new console and many games PS 5 is going to release. We estimate the release later this year during the holidays but, we don’t have a credible source to confirm that.

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One of the most awaited game is the 3rd instalment of Hitman i-e Hitman 3. That means Hitman 3 is officially on Ps 5! Let us dive into the details of Hitman 3.

PlayStation 5: Hitman 3 On PS 5

Hitman 3 is the final game of the World of Assassination trilogy. It will be releasing on the next-gen console in January 2021. The first game was released back in 2004.

Hitman 3 Is On PS 5
Source: US Gamer

The game was a part of PS 2 and PS 3. Naturally, the new console required one of the best stealth games.

An Idea About The Hitman Franchise

The gamer community is well aware of the Hitman franchise but let me just give you a basic premise about it.
The story is about agent 47, who has various targets to accomplish by assassinating people. In the teaser, we notice the game states “Death Awaits”.
The game takes place in exotic locations and you (the protagonist), has to figure out ways to kill.
The protagonist is free to disguise himself, create accidents and interact with people.
One of the factors that intrigued me was our ability to blend in the crowd and make them a part of our plan. Our masterplan can fail as well as succeed. Our actions define our win.
For all the Hitman franchise lovers, there is a piece of news! IO Interactive the developer confirmed that Diana Burnwood and Lucas Grey are returning for a mission to hunt down partners of providence. This piece of news has excited most of us, and we can’t wait toΒ play the last part of the Hitman trilogy.

Other Games On PS 5

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  3. Ghostwire: Tokyo
These are a few of my favourite games on PS 5. Stay tuned to find out more about PlayStation 5.

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