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Playstation 5: Little Devil Inside Is Exclusively On PS 5

Little Devil Inside On PS 5
Source: Gamerector

PlayStation 5 Reveal Little Devil Inside:Β The PlayStation 5 is the future of gaming stream with its high- tech console. Naturally, the PlayStation 5 console reveal has been the talk of the town since a few days.

The console, with its futuristic design, has got all gamers excited for its release. But unfortunately, Sony Entertainment has neither revealed its price or the release dates. All of us are disappointed about it but, that’s fine. We’ve estimated the release around Holidays 2020.

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The 90- minute long launch revealed some details about the upcoming next-gen. Although we know most of the games from PS 5, some are exclusive. One of them is Little Devil Inside. Little Devil inside is exclusively on PS 5!

Little Devil Inside’s PS 5 Exclusivity-

Little Devil Inside is an indie action game with humorous and haunting visuals. The reveal stood out to be one of the most intriguing surprises of the event.

Little Devil Inside was first released back in 2015 with Kickstarter. Its timed exclusivity was a matter of concern for its 5-year backers- the Kickstarter.

Little Devil Inside On PS 5
Source: GamesRadar

The exclusivity is a surprise for many to its 5-year Kickstarter backers. Before the release of its PS 5 trailer, Neostream updated the backers on the project’s progression.

Playstation 5: Little Devil inside About The Game

The first half of the trailer shows the life of an elder man living his pampered life. The second half, however, is a bit daunting as we see a monster hunter working for the man.

The game seems to be a comic attempt as we see the monster hunter trying to survive in the wild comparing to the elder man living his life in his goofy way.

The trailer gives us an insight into details such as third-person combat and deformed horned creatures.

Controversy Following The Trailer

As soon as the trailer got released, we saw people immediately realising the understated racism in it. The alleged racism is in the 0.45 second of it.

Basically, in the trailer, we see that the enemies have dreadlocks which are insulting and racist.

This comment has hurt the tribal community as well due to the face paintings. Neostream has received various complaints about the racist comment and has assured everyone that they will work on it.


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