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PlayStation 5 Might Restrict One Console Per Household!

PS 5 Consoles
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PlayStation 5 Might Restrict One Console Per Household!:Β On 11th June, i-e more than a month back, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the new next-gen console i-e the PlayStation 5. Since then, there were tonnes of leaks and rumours regarding the futuristic console.

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However, the recent reports say that Sony is limiting the pre-orders by restricting it to one console per household. Nevertheless, let’s get into the details of this source.

PlayStation 5: Not More Than One!

Not a long ago, a source shared a code which shows that you cannot buy more than one console. Here’s the source code:

Source Code for PS 5
via IGN India

Considering the code, if customers try to buy more than one PS 5, the website will show an error message that reads:

“You can only purchase one version of the PS 5 Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS 5 console to your cart.”

PS 5 Console
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However, this isn’t the first time Sony has restricted the pre-orders for one console per household. They did it earlier for PS 4. But, this time, Sony is selling two versions of the PS 5, and customers will be able to buy either the standard or the digital edition.

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Why Is This Happening?

Let’s be real the PlayStation 5 is perhaps the only best thing happened in 2020. Naturally, with people stuck in their homes, the next-gen console will come off as the new ‘fad.’

Moreover, the consoles tend to get sold out within a few hours as there are people who need to buy the newest of technologies, as soon as it lands, on the market.

PS 5 remote
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You can circumvent the system by ordering it from different retailers however, it still restricts a customer, to an extent.

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When Will It Release?

It’s no secret that since it’s launch, PS 5 has been a victim of leaks and speculations. One such speculation is the release date. Several people estimated that the PS 5 will release sometime in September. But, now that the Xbox Series X is releasing in September, we assume that the next-gen console is releasing this holiday season.

But, considering the COVID pandemic, there are chances it either getting preponed or postponed. Unfortunately, there is no credible source to confirm this news.

Nevertheless, the new PS 5 comes with aΒ  futuristic console that will be the future of game streaming. Moreover, the games are exciting and over-the-top with their graphics and designs. Clearly, we can’t wait for the new console to drop in!

Let us know what you think about the new PS 5 and it’s one order per household rule!

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