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PlayStation 5: Persona 6 Is On PS 5!

Persona 6
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PlayStation 5 Persona 6: The PlayStation 5 launch event has been the talk of the town since a few days. Sony amazed us with an extraordinary futuristic console. Naturally, we are excited about its release.

It’s a bummer that we aren’t aware of the release date and the price but, we estimate it later this year during the holidays. During the launch, we got to know about several games which PS 5 tends to release.

Out of all the games, Persona 6 is the one which caught not only my curiosity but several others’ too.

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Let’s dive into the details of the game.

What Is Persona 6 About?

I don’t think the Persona video game series needs an introduction. After all, the newest version of Persona i-e Persona 5 was released back in February 2020. The Japanese game got released in 1996 and since then its one of the most fun games to play.

To tell you a basic gist without giving out the story, it is a role-playing video game series revolving around the lives of a few high schoolers.


Persona 6 On PlayStation 5

On 11th June, during the PS 5 launch, Sony revealed that Persona 6 is going to be on PS 5! The fans were rather excited to know that the 6th instalment is already underworking.

Persona 6 On PS 5
Source: Reddit

Persona 5 got released back in February and sold out more than 3 Million. It got good reviews from the critics as well. If we compare all the Persona franchise, Persona 5 was the most successful and the best one to date.

Naturally, all of us have expectations from Persona 6. In April, we heard rumours about the next instalment. Although we couldn’t find a credible source back then, the PS 5 event has cleared all our doubts.

What To Expect From Persona 6?

Keeping in mind the newly gained popularity, Persona 6 is obligated to reach par. Persona 5 is famous in the US, which makes it easier for our fans in the west to be excited about it.

We feel that Persona 6 should try to do a world-wide release this time as it is immensely famous and the fans would love to see it on PS 5!

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