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PlayStation 5 Revelation: Ghostwire: Tokyo On PS 5

Ghostwire: Tokyo On PS 5!
Source: VentureBeat

PlayStation 5 Reveal Ghostwire: Tokyo:Β Β On 11th June, we saw a snippet of the new console of PS 5. Naturally, we never expected them to make a futuristic design, but we aren’t complaining.

To give you a basic idea about the new console, I’d want to say that it is exceptionally intricate with its V-shaped design. The console has 5 USB ports.

They haven’t notified us about the details regarding its release and prices, but let’s buck up, we know most of the games they’d release!

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Most of the games on PS 5 are already on the other instalments but Ghostwire: Tokyo is going to make its debut on the PlayStation franchise.

The New Ghostwire: Tokyo On PS 5
Source: PCgamesN

Let’s get to know more about the debutant- Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo On PS 5

The PC game is all about to make its debut in the next PlayStation franchise- PS 5. The next-gen game is releasing in 2021 exclusively for PS 5. You may have guessed that it is an action-adventure game.

The New Ghostwire: Tokyo On PS 5
Source: Inverse

Tango Gameworks, the creator of Ghostwire: Tokyo has taken the advantage to create a unique game for the next-gen. The game has an eerie genre which allows the gamers to experience visual fidelity.

Shinji Mikami, the founder of Tango Gameworks has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Save Tokyo From The Evil

The story revolves around the city of Tokyo, overwhelmed with paranormal threats. As a devastating incident cleans out 99% of the population and it is up to you (the protagonist) to save the entire city from salvation.
As beautiful the city of Tokyo is in reality, the gameplay portrays it similarly. The protagonist has to go throughout the city of beautiful landscapes and avoid unknown threats.

PlayStation 5 Update

The details regarding the release date and prices have not revelled but, the estimations tell us it can be somewhere during the next holidays 2021.

I hope the next-gen does justice to this game. The horror tint gives it an uncommon yet mysterious tendency to the game. I am glad that PS 5 is including all genres of games in their newest console.

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