Playstation 5: Square Enix Reveals New Game “Project Athia” On PlayStation 5!

Project Athia

Project Athia On PS5: Finally, the wait is over for a new interesting game project on brand new PS 5. As sony launched the PS 5 on June 11, the game projects on the platform are also releasing. Square Enix has finally announced the Project Athia on PS 5 and PC. This project is a working title from a Japanese publisher Luminous Productions Studio.

Project Athia

The Announcement Of Project Athia

In the press release, Square Enix opens up to media about the project. It said, ” Designed for PlayStation 5, Project Athia will harness the full power of the console. And demonstrate Luminous Production Studio’s philosophy to provide a gaming experience like never before. Fusing the latest technology with the art.”

As well as Takeshi Aramaki pens down a few more details about the upcoming in the PlayStation Blog. He is the current Director of the Project Athia of Square Enix. From the post, we assume that the story will have more than one protagonist while there is only one featured in the teaser trailer.

Project Athia

The Teaser Trailer Of Project Athia

The teaser trailer for the title revealed during the PlayStation 5 launch program on Thursday. It featured a mixture of environmental traversal and a bunch of different combat styles. However, the story of the project described as “story-led” and action-packed “otherworldly adventure”.The trailer said, “in a world not her own. Where resolve will be tested, trits will be questioned, and devotions will be doubted. She will rise.”

The Release Date Of Project Athia

However, the Square Enix team hasn’t announced any release date for the Project Athia. As the project is announced now, it will take several years before the actual launch. However, Takeshi Aramaki confirms the development team has a lot to showcase in the future in the project.

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