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Pokemon Go Fest 2020: Details And Information

Pokemon Go Fest 2020
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Pokemon Go Fest 2020: Details And Information:Β Pokemon Go is a mobile game launched in 2016. Niantic published the game in collaboration with The Pokemon Company for iOS and Android devices.

The game is loosely related to the anime TV show Pokemon released in 1997. The premise of the TV show is that a pokemon master goes all around the world with his friends to collect pokemon.

The word ‘Pokemon’ is a mixture of two words ‘Pocket’ and ‘Monsters’. The show is famous all over the world even after three decades.

The game Pokemon Go gives us an insight into the world of Pokemon. We have to catch Pokemon by grabbing it. It is along the lines of a ‘virtual reality’ game.

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The Pokemon Go Fest 2020

Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has taken the world into a different world. Everyone is nearly obsessed with the game and has played it many times.
Naturally, the fans needed another insight into their world. Thus, came the Pokemon Go Fest. Every year, fans gather around a certain location and meet with the actors behind the Pokemon game. They even sell Pokemon merchandise and various things.
Pokemon Go Event Photo
Source: iMore
Niantic has announced that this year’s Pokemon Go event is shifting to an online event due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The tickets went on sale on 15th June at the price of $14.99 through an in-app purchase.
The Pokemon Go event, will run over the weekend of 25th and 26th July from 10 am to 8 pm. Niantic has announced that Day 1 will be about a special research story, rotating habitats featuring different Pokemon. They have not announced the day 2 events as of now.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Ticket?

Before buying the tickets to this year’s Pokemon Fest, we need to realise that the event is online. One of the main reasons people buy tickets to the fest is so that they can get a live experience.
But, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are not going to experience these things. Spending a hefty amount just to experience it through a screen is not feasible.
Half of the profit earned from the event goes to the relief funds in respect of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.
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Pokemon Go Fest Other Details

Since the release of Pokemon Go, people all over the world have played the game. There have been many mishaps regarding the safety of users as they have to walk all over the area. It has led to many accidents and even deaths.

Regardless, the game has created a sensation and continues to do so! Stay tuned to find out more.



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