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Pokémon GO Fest Will Be Taking Place In A Completely Online Format In July This Year!

Pokémon G O Fest 2020
Pokémon G O Fest 2020

Pokémon GO Fest 2020: About The Game

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 A huge fan of Pokémon? Well, say no more. You must have obviously played Pokémon Go because let’s be honest it’s a good one. I remember the summer of 2016 was the best; everyone was outside on the streets catching Pokémon. There were some accidents too, but it was a happy millennial season (which is very rare).

Pokémon G O Fest 2020
Pokémon G O Fest 2020

The game is built very specifically with the help of the Pokémon franchise. It was released almost five years ago for both Android as well as iOS devices. There are other similar games available over mobile and Nintendo, but I think this is the most convenient.

When it was first released, it actually has a minimum of 150 species only, but by last year, that number has increased to 500. You can still go outside in your area with masks and hunt for Pokémons!

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The Pokémon Go Gathering

Pokémon G O Fest 2020

All over the world, there are plenty of fans who enjoy this game too much. Last year there was this program which was held in Chicago, Yokohama, and Dortmund. These places were crowded and sturdy. Yet all of them had an amazing time; I can bet.

The Pokémon game involved a lot of activities. You could play, participate in some events held by others, and even win. But this year, sadly, you cannot physically take part in these events. It was actually set for June, but now that’s not happening.

The Change In Plans

Every year a two-day event used to take place, but now Pokémon Go has a setback. Even the Olympics were canceled because of the coronavirus. Therefore for obvious social distancing purposes, you cannot attend.

However, people who have tickets need not worry. Virtually this event is organized over the two day time period, and you can participate! On July 25 and 26 will be really thrilling for the fans. Brace yourself for the reimagined experience.

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