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Pokemon Go : “Reality Blending” AR Upgrade! Check Out That Updates Now

Pokemon Go: About The Game

Pokemon Go: If you remember the summer of 2016, then I guess this game will probably be in your mind till the entire day of your life. When the first version of PokΓ©mon go came out people were going wild.

I think PokΓ©mon games have been here for quite some time and it has undergone little to almost no modifications at all. This is because the usual game is just the Pokemon balls and the Pokemon whom we have to catch.

With the release of PokΓ©mon Go, the millennial generation was very happy because finally, they had something right from their childhood. The game had very simple yet interesting gameplay to put forward.

Pokemon Go Some PokΓ©mon Go Characters
Some PokΓ©mon Go Characters

Details About The Gameplay

I just had to go outside and roam around in my locality to get some PokΓ©mons. This was not an easy task, and you have to go to some on certain and on ordinary places.

This also caused a lot of accidents in the USA as far as I remember, but that is all gone now, and the game was slowly losing popularity. That is when the reality blend part came over and modified the entire outlook on it.

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The Reality Blend Feature

On exactly Mein 26 of this year, Pokemon go decided to bring forth a very special update in the game itself. The reality blend feature is Marvellous, and now you don’t have to play on a cartoony base anymore.

Pokemon Go Reality Blending PokΓ©mon
Reality Blending PokΓ©mon

I think this addition of this factor was meant for us to feel more interested in looking for Pokemon and finding them in our own natural habitat. Since then the number of users and players of PokΓ©mon go have obviously gonna, and I think the game is advancing. T

They promised a lot more developments in the future, but for now, the blending factor is the new big thing.

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